• Yogamatte Manduka PROlite
    1. 23. August 2016
      Im using the Prolite for daily ashtanga Mysore schedule and some hatha Yoga. It felt already much better than my previous"standard" mat when unpacked. there was a short phase (a couple of practices) of gathering stuff and dust from the mat sticking on the body and hands (that could have me sending the mat back actually..). now it seems fine after a first gentle cleaning. good grip, stay on the spot, not waving..this say i m not sweating much on asana or "raping" the floor when flowing. i expect it to get better through the regular practices as it already does. to see on the long term ; and curiosity, (+ life time warranty) i m looking forward to see what would alter the mat conditions as it looks indeed quite strong and reliable. The mat arrived in 2-3 working days, maybe 5 euros cheaper than in another web shop. Avocado are good sources of healthy fat, highly recommended for inversion/energy sublimation sadhana but also grounding in a nuturing way.

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