• elisabeth - bh bügellos größe B-E aus 95% Baumwolle und 5% Elastan
    1. 01. Februar 2020
      I've been looking for this style of bra forever now, with my size (85E/F) that's not an easy feat. But this bra is so comfortable, it looks wonderful, still gives hold and shape to my breasts, it doesn't pinch or dig into my skin and it doesn't show through underneath tight or white clothes. I absolutely love it! The material feels lovely, and I feel really good about the cotton. Wonderful! Shipping was lightning fast.
  • margarete - taillenslip mit spitze aus recycelten garnen
    1. 01. Februar 2020
      Super cofortable, it looks amazing, hugs the curves in all the right places. Fit was exactly as described, very lovely quality and materials. Husband agrees!
  • neti®-Nasenspülkännchen
    1. 01. Februar 2020
      Absolutely delivers on what it' promising! Shipping was super quick, there are no sharp edges etc., the print looks lovely. And oh my, I am currently sick and suffer from sinusitis A LOT, as well as allergies, which means usually my nose is blocked 24/7 in winter. But I have used this for the past two days now and after the first round my nose and sinuses were all clear! I was able to breath normally, haven't used a tissue the whole day, how wonderful is that?! PERFECT for flu season, winter, people with allergies, and just anyone trying to benefit from a clean nasal passage.

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